What Is Homeowner Insurance

Homeowners is one of the most popular forms of personal insurance on the market. The typical homeowners policy has two main sections: Section I covers your property, and Section II provides personal liability coverage (to cover you in case of lawsuits arising from things that happen on your property). Almost anyone who owns or leases property should have this type of insurance. Often, homeowners insurance is required by lenders as a requirement to obtain a mortgage.

Why you need a Homeowner Insurance?

The largest single investment most consumers make is in their home. The consumer can protect his or her home, possessions, and liability with a homeowner’s insurance policy.

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One of the most common questions we receive goes something along the lines of “How can I guarantee myself that I am getting the very best price on a car?” There are no guarantees–the car business is far too variable for that–but there are a few “moves” you can make which will give you the upper hand when it comes time to get prices on the car you want to buy.
Be knowledgeable. Don’t ever let a car salesperson be your primary source of knowledge–not on vehicles, and definitely not on pricing (or financing). Do research and make comparisons before you go to a car dealership. It’s tough to win when your “trainer” is your adversary in negotiations!

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Want to save yourself a lot of time and aggravation? Before you begin to look for a vehicle, spend the time necessary to review your budget. Determine a target and maximum payment, and match it to the price of a vehicle that will fall within these ranges. In addition, find out how that payment fits into the qualification structure of the lending institution. In the majority of cases, your total debt load–including the new car payment–should be no more than 40% of your total gross income.

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I have been told that the way to get the best price when buying a car is to go to a number of different dealers and ask for their “best price,” then compare the results. Is this the right tactic?
Probably this is the worst tactic you can use. Salespeople hear “I want your best price” many times every single day. They do not take it seriously, and know exactly how to combat it. This is why car buyers who use this method end up frustrated and confused before they ever make a buying decision. There are better ways (and much less aggravating ways) to achieve the same purpose, allowing you to get the right car at the right price, … Read More